The Ipno ‘rocking’ clock by Alessandro Zambelli for Diamantini & Domeniconi, is named after the Greek god Hypnos – or Ipno – son of the night. 

It’s a fitting name for the clock as it has an almost hypnotic feature. As the internal pendulum ticks and tocks, functioning as a balance, it sways the entire clock back and forth in sync.

This stand-alone clock is reminiscent of pendulum clocks of bygone days, but with a wry, dynamic and creative twist. Designed for table-tops, the clock is free to move in space and support its own harmonic motion.

Ipno measures 16 cm L x 20 H x 6 D and is available in birch, walnut or mahogany in either a natural finish or painted in various colours, and will retail for €85.

Zambelli is a co-founder of PADIGLIONEITALIA, a designers’ collective that seeks to present the specifics of the Italian design scene.

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